Can Pressure Washing Damage Your Property?

Can Pressure Washing Damage Your Property?

Yes, pressure washing can damage your property if done incorrectly. That is precisely why you need a professional team to do the pressure washing on your property. At Chadam Cleaning, we know the damage that high-pressure water can cause on each property surface. Therefore, our team is carefully trained to know what kind of pressure has to be applied, how it should be done, and what distance must be kept from the surface.

It is very common for house owners to have their pressure washer to wash their car, boat, bikes, etc. While it seems simple to use the same machine to clean the outside of your house, there are key areas that you need to keep in mind when doing it so that you prevent yourself from causing damage to your driveways, walls, and other exterior surfaces.

The power of high-pressure wash

Domestic pressure washers are very common and affordable. Whether these are electric or with a gas engine, the pressure that these machines can create varies from 1500 psi to 3300 psi. Unfortunately, people quickly tend to think that more pressure is better, and they buy machines that are intended for heavy-duty jobs that are way beyond what you would need at home. While a machine that produces 1500 psi is almost harmless, a machine that makes 3300 can easily break your pavement, concrete, remove tiles grout, or even worse, damage you!

The key for a successful pressure wash is not in the power of the machine but in using the correct nozzle and using the proper technique. The primary nozzles have different output angles from 0° to 40°, and the low-pressure ones such as the 65°. Each of these nozzles has different purposes and outputs. For example, the 0° angle output provides the highest amount of pressure. This is ideal for heavy-duty jobs, cleaning heavy machines, getting the mud out of your 4x4 or metal surfaces. On the other hand, a low-pressure nozzle like the 40° is a better fit for more fragile surfaces like windows, pots, blinds, or even for just washing off the detergent.

As you can see, the level of water pressure from the machine, and the nozzles, all have a specific purpose of accomplishing a particular job without causing any damage to your vehicle or property. Therefore, it is crucial that you consult before doing any DIY pressure washing at home, or even better, call our team to do the pressure wash for you with guaranteed results and zero damage to your property.

Protect your walls

One of the most common materials used for exterior walls in Victoria, BC and Sidney, BC are the sidings and wood. Both of these materials require careful attention when performing a pressure wash on them. In addition, there are techniques to properly wash the siding so that the water doesn't get in between the layers reaching the wall. If water gets behind the siding, mould or moss can appear in the wall and be hidden from your sight, creating bad damage in the long run. Our team at Chadam Cleaning is well experienced with pressure washing properties with siding. We know the techniques, the method, and the amount of pressure we can use on these materials to get the dirt and grime out while keeping the condition of the materials intact.

In the case of houses made of brick, people tend to think that you can use as much pressure as you want on it. While newer brick houses have a better mortar and can resist a high-pressure wash, older houses can significantly suffer from an extensive amount of pressure. To do pressure washing on these surfaces, you want to keep a certain distance and pattern to protect the wall itself. Again, knowledge, experience, and skills are critical to a successful pressure wash.

Beware of lead paint

Even though it is improbable, some old houses might still have lead paint on them. If you do a high-pressure wash on a wall with lead paint, you will end up spreading the lead all over the place. If lead falls on your garden, even kids might end up ingesting it with terrible consequences to their health. So again, it comes to show that it is better to leave pressure washing in the hands of professionals.

Wash your house without worries

At Chadam Cleaning, we care about your house. We don't want to clean everything and damage your property. Instead, you can trust our highly experienced team to take care of your exterior surfaces to give your property a fresh new look that will also protect it. Call us today at for a free quote or find out more information about our pressure washing in Victoria, BC, services on our site.