It is important to have a clear understanding of our processes and products when it comes to treating the moss on your roof.

There are many different opinions on how to treat moss. Educating our customers and keeping them informed is important.

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We provide two primary options for your roof moss needs.

1.) Moss Treatment Solution Only 2.) Moss Removal and Treatment Solution Combo

Most important is preserving the shingle granules!!!! We never use aggressive scrubbing or high pressure to remove moss!!! This will do far more damage than the moss and in minutes, will take years off the life of your roof.

For the Moss Removal and Treatment Combo, loose debris and large moss deposits are gently removed with a medium bristle broom and followed up with a leaf blower. Gutter cleaning is included in our moss treatment combo service. The remaining organic growth will then be treated with the moss treatment solution. Some of it may be visible even after the removal and spraying work is complete.

For the Treatment Solution Option, this involves simply spraying the roof and killing the moss. This will kill the moss at the roots, disabling its ability to “hold on” to water, thereby rotting your shingles. Any remaining dead moss will gradually weather away over time.


We use sodium percarbonate, which is hydrogen peroxide in a powder form. Being in a powder form makes it easy to store and handle. We mix it on site to create a fresh batch of peroxide solution.

The solution is truly environmentally safe and friendly; it won't harm people, pets, plants, or property. Sodium percarbonate breaks down to water, oxygen, and soda ash (ash from plants grown in sodium-rich soil).

It can leave “dirty” areas, objects, surfaces looking “cleaner” in appearance. So please remove any furniture, fabrics, or decor that could be in the spray zone.

Disclaimer: Whilst we have researched this eco-friendly product, this is still an alkaline solution. We do our very best to avoid overspray and drips, but we will not be held responsible for potential overspray affecting non-targeted areas or interacting with surfaces.

Once the solution has been applied, a white film can sometimes be observed. This is just the surfactant aspect of the treatment and is designed to help application. The film can be washed with water and gentle agitation or comes off with the rain.


It kills moss by tearing the cell walls of the moss apart. The sodium percarbonate puts the moss under " oxidative stress " and causes massive cellular injury to the organic growth, causing the moss to die.

To go deeper into this, the sodium percarbonate is a " free radical " lacking an electron, making it unstable and highly reactive. When applied to the roof, it goes after the moss, stealing its electrons, creating massive cellular injury to the moss, causing it to die.

The moss will start to turn a dark copper color within hours and within days will be noticeably different in color, no longer green. Once in this state it is now dead, it's roots will gently release from the shingle and over time, it will disintegrate. It will " weather off " through wind, rain, snow, and the sun, especially come fall/winter with increased rain and wind. This process will occur over several weeks & months, depending on the level of infestation and exposure to weather.

It is important to realize that this process takes time, as some moss will still be visible when the job is completed. We feel this is the best method for treating the moss on your roof.


We have invested in a roof cleaning system that allows us to apply the solution even on very steep-pitched, non-walkable roofs. Our system then will shoot the solution up approximately 35 - 40 feet, reaching the peak of a non-walkable roof pitch, ensuring all moss is treated. With varying roofs, workplace conditions, and heights, potential overspray is a possibility.


We will come back and retreat any moss that reappears within 1 year of the date of your invoice at no charge. If any green is visible on your roof before a year is up, then it means that we missed something!

We hope this information helps you make an informed choice when it comes to treating the moss on your roof.