Why is Moss Removal Important?

Why is Moss Removal Important?

Victoria, BC, is known for the constant combination of high humidity and vegetation. Thanks to that moisture level, you can enjoy the beautiful sights that Victoria, BC, provides. But, the same moisture and vegetation are the perfect combination for the spreading of moss on roofs. Therefore, you must remove roof moss promptly if you want to avoid having damage on your roof that will require more significant repair work. When the roof moss appears on your roof, it can quickly get thick enough to crowd out the shingles, producing damage to your roof. After that point, there is no way to revert the situation, and you will have to replace your roof. Therefore, it is essential to remove the moss from your roof. Let's understand why.

Roof Damage

Moss develops under a cool, shady, and damp environment. Houses with north-facing roof areas are prone to create moss due to having less sunlight than the south-facing. Starting as a very thin dusting of green, the moss begins to become thicker and wider, giving it the look and feel of a mat on your roof. Especially between the shingles' edges and the shingles, you will see moss developing on the seams due to the shade.

As the moss grows thicker, it pushes the shingles up, potentially allowing water into undesirable areas. How long the roof will remain in good condition will depend on the material of your roof.

The thick moss is what you want to avoid by any means. The thick mat-like moss becomes a sponge that holds moisture and keeps it damp despite the sunlight, essentially rotting your roof. The best way to prevent this is to have our team perform a regular moss assessment and treat any growth before it does damage.

Health Concerns

Roof moss is the produce of a resilient type of algae that spores into the air and settles on the roof. While not every mould or algae is dangerous, some can threaten older and younger children who suffer from allergies and respiratory problems. The spores from the moss on your roof can quickly come inside your home due to being on driveways and paths. No matter what mould species is on your roof, removing any excessive mould growth is vital to care for your family's health.

Safe Moss Removal Method

Removing the moss from your roof is not only a dangerous activity to perform, but it can also damage your roof if done incorrectly. People usually think of doing a high-pressure wash on the roof to remove the moss and use chemicals to kill its remains. Unfortunately, this approach might get rid of the moss at a very high cost since it creates a lot of damage to the roof.

It is of primary importance to preserve the shingle granules when removing the moss from the affected roof. An intense cleaning process can cause irreversible damage to your roof; Therefore, an aggressive scrubbing or high-pressure wash are not options for our team to remove the moss from your roof.

Our team takes the time to remove loose debris, moss, and environmental deposits with a medium-bristled broom. Afterwards, using a leaf blower, our team ensures that all fine particles are removed from your roof and guttering system.

Finally, for any moss remaining on the roof and the unseen moss spores, we use an eco-friendly solution that gradually works at the source of the problem without damaging the roof shingles.

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